• Thinking about repainting the interior of your home? Lighting accounts for 11% of homes and up to or more than 25% of workplaces energy costs. Check the LRV (light reflective value) of the paint on the walls (it’s on the back of the paint chip)... (Also the paints VOC)
  • 91% of those looking for a new home say energy efficient features are extremely important. Start with a green assessment of your home - email us.
  • A recent study showed that the value of a home is directly related to energy saving components. As much as $20 of value may be related to every dollar of reduced energy cost.
  • Evidence is mounting, that in areas where the metric is available, third party certified sustainable homes sell faster and for more money.

We take the extra steps to stay on the Green Edge in our appraisals and related real estate services. Let us email you a Green component checklist to get started.